War of the Worlds


The Return


This is the end times and time is running out and we are at war. We’ve always been at war, though some have been asleep. The battle is getting more intense. It is no time for slacking off. Our enemy advances steadily. His prize is not the unconverted. He already has those. His prize is Christians.

Our minds are a battlefield and we must put on the whole armor of God to fend off the fiery arrows (and sometimes depth charges) of the enemy. Our enemy will try to build strongholds in our minds and oftentimes we don't even know it. He has laid pits for us to fall into because he wants to bury us alive with his lies, keeping us captive because what he fears the most is a Christian full of faith and power! Because then, as strong soldiers of God, we are mighty weapons in the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Satan is systematically attacking the Body of Christ. Many, many Christians who do not live in countries like the United States and various European countries, are experiencing massive persecution. It is starting up in the United States with the ACLU trying to blot out every reference to God they can find. If they could hold a public Bible burning they would. Christians are being demonized by those who hate us and making it unacceptable to even pray in public. But those of other religions get treated better than we do even though the United States was founded on Biblical principles. That's does not exist anymore. The United States is not a Christian nation, but a corrupt and vile nation with some Christians living in it. It is totally self centered and egotistical. Filth of all sorts reigns supreme and if you don't think so, you've had your head in the sand for a very long time. Humans walk around steeped in Luciferean arrogance; thumping their chests on how great they are while defiling themselves with all sorts of filth and degradation. No one is great. Except God. And He is the only One who deserves any praise.

I once did research, many years ago, on a 15th century Romanian prince. Yeah that guy. Vlad Dracul. One particular point in my research stood out and that was when Vlad, with his men, invaded the Turkish army. Having been kidnapped by the Turks at a very young age with his brother, Radu, Vlad knew the Turkish language and their customs. He disguised himself and his men as Turks and gained entrance into the camp. He also had other soldiers stationed outside the Turkish camp in hiding. When he gave the signal, his army attacked...from within and from the outside. This same tactic is being used by Satan, to attack from within and eventually from the outside. (although 9/11 is a perfect example of what can come from the outside.) He is using all his resources, too, like the ACLU and liberal minded people who want to destroy everything we believe in. Just keep in mind what already exists and what it is disguised as.

You have to really read the news and even things that appear to be minor to see what is really going on.

I do believe that the earthquake in Japan will have far reaching effects on this planet but I am not sure how it plays into everything just yet. It is horrible for the entire country of Japan and they will be reeling from it for a long time to come. I pray that God helps them out. It would not take much to decimate this country since a very large fault runs from the state of Washington down to the Baja peninsula. That type of right lateral fault line could cause an earthquake at any time. There are no warnings when a massive quake will strike. If it did happen and if it was large enough, it could cripple the country in ways you would not believe. It would also make us more vulnerable.