Design for God

I love fooling around with

different graphics and effects.

On the home page and also

on this page, I have used my 'grandkids as additions to the basic graphic I picked  out for the site.

Yes, I did pattern this layout

from the website I did for my church.


I had taught myself how to use Photoshop  back in 2004 when I had gone to college for design. I had to learn it on the fly for my 2D design class. I had no idea what I was doing at first and Photoshop was pretty intimidating but I soon fell in love with the far out things I could do with it.


I continue to play around with it while learning more about Adobe Muse that I used to design this site. I personally hate coding and Muse was an answer to a prayer. Yes, I have used Dreamweaver but I prefer Muse right now.

I design because it is fun and I can do whatever I feel like doing.


I've made no money doing any of this because I do it for fun. There have been times when I have gone for long periods of not doing anything at all until I am presented with an assignment.

Then I get to work on whatever it is. Mainly it has been designing a number of things from the church's website to marriage certificates to logos. But I love doing it.