War of the Worlds


The Return


A.W. Tozer once said, “We cannot grasp the true meaning of the divine holiness by thinking of someone or something very pure and then raising the concept to the highest degree we are capable of.

God’s Holiness is not simply the best we know infinitely bettered. We know nothing like the divine holiness. It stands apart, unique, unapproachable, incomprehensible, and unattainable.

The natural man is blind to it. He may fear God’s power and admire His wisdom, but His Holiness he cannot even imagine.”

Most people have no idea how powerful God is. We have no point of reference for eternity, even though the word exists in our vocabulary. We are small, finite creatures stumbling around a planet in a vast universe, clueless…if it were not for Jesus Christ.

I love God with all my heart, with every molecule in my body. I have never experienced a relationship like this and none can compare. It is Him and no one else.

I know when you look at this site and then the name "design for God", it doesn't mesh. I originally wanted to start out as a web designer and went to college for it. However, God had other plans for me and this is the result.

[I wish to note here that this site is not complete and is still being worked on. My 11 year old granddaughter, Alex, has tweaked a few things in the banner header on this page for me and she will be doing more work as time goes on. She also did work for me on a previous rendition of this site when she was 8 years old.]